Drug Use

The Meltdown

I had never done any type of psychedelic drug before, and while I was out with some friends, they thought it would be fun to do mushrooms. I had wanted to try them for a long time but never had the opportunity. We collected 48 'shrooms and made a potent drink, then divided it between the three of us.

I really, REALLY, didn't like the taste so I went to go lay down because it just about made me sick. About thirty minutes later James came in the room with me and said I should feel something by then, but I insisted that I felt no different, just a little sick to my stomach. I decided to go sit in the living room with them so as to not be un-social. Whoa! when I stood up i nearly fell over. I had no depth perception, the ceiling fan seemed to stretch across the entire ceiling, and colors were extremly bright. My mind was okay, just my vision was a bit strange. I walked into the living room (which was rather difficult) and when I got there, I noticed something else... The walls were dripping! I tried to catch it, but it went right through my hands. My two friends were sitting on the couch, lauging hysterically at something. I asked them if I was going to get any higher. They said I would.. I didn't know how right they were!

I went to look in the mirror, and my pupils were huge! Then as I stared, my face started turning colors, mostly dark green. I went to tell my friends that, and saw this picture on the wall of a river. It looked like the water was flowing out of the picture, down the wall, and onto the floor! I thought I had reached my peak, but I wasn't even close. I sat on the couch for about twenty minutes, then we all decided to go to James's room. This is where it gets strange...

Everything was out of perspective. He had a picture of a naked girl on the wall, and it looked like her breast were poking out at me. I started telling her off and wanted to take that picture down, but good ol' James wouldn't let me. Then Matt started talking to himself and laughing about nothing. I decided pants were too constricting and changed into some of James's boxers. When I came back into the room I got this paranoia that they were setting me up to rape me. I grabbed myself (I'll let you guess where!) to prevent them from touching me, even though they weren't even trying to! As I sat there, I forgot what I was doing, but figured I had a reason for doing it, so I just sat there softly babbling to myself. All of the sudden I felt wettness where my hands were.... oh no, I thought I peed on myself! I started screaming about peeing on myself. They kept telling me I hadn't, but I felt sure I had, and was really embarrassed. I wiped my hands off, but they still felt wet! The harder I tried to dry them, the wetter they became. Then, slowly, my whole body became soaked and I was becoming the liquid! I started yelling, "I'm melting, I'm melting!". My friends thought that was just the funniest thing in the world, but I was dead serious. I thought I was a little puddle on the ground. I started gurgling and drooling. Breathing started to hurt, I thought it was wrong to mix air with liquid, so I tried really hard to stop breathing. Thank God that didn't work!

About this time someone who absoulutely cannot know we are on shrooms came by. I laid down and tried to be quiet, although I couldn't remember why. I still thought I was melting into the mattress. This guy, Henry came to see me and just say, "What's up." I started wigging out and asked him if he was the shroom man. He was like, "Ya'll didn't!" He took James's keys and I saw that scene over and over again in my head. By this time, I thought this would really never, ever end.

I had this vision that I was laid up in a mental hospital with my father standing over me crying. I kept trying to get up, but every time I did I would melt back into the mattress. About two hours of this passed, and i finally started to come down. All I remember is seeing black and hearing people talking. They said "What's wrong with her? Why is she just laying there?" I thought that sounded suspiscous and wondered if they were having sex with me while I was passed out. I slowly came to, and said I was okay, and laid there for another hour or so. I finally felt able to get up. I asked them to take me over to a girlfriend's house.

After a long search, we found the spare key. They dropped me off at her house, and I didn't know it but I guess I was still messed up because I went to the wrong house! My friend didn't have a phone, but whose ever house I was in did, so I knew it must be the wrong house. I ran outside, and tried the next house. This, thankfully, was hers. I fell asleep just about as soon as I got there and woke up ten hours later.