Drug Use

Responsible Drug Use

Mainstream society has consistently looked down on drug users. They think all drug users are lowlifes, the scum of the earth, a bunch of people wasting their lives away. And I agree that among the drug-using community, the population of these types is unproportionally large. There will always be the junkies, the tweekers, the crack whores, the guy who will rob you to get his next fix. But, I also know that you can use drugs and remain a responsible, good person. Merely smoking a bowl, dropping a tab or snorting a line can't and won't turn you evil.

Even on a less grand scale though, there are those who may not be committing great crimes against society, but still make the drug-using community look bad. They are those people who forget that intoxication is something which requires a great deal of both responsibility and maturity. You need to realize that when you're under the influence of drugs, it is your duty to be responsible. This means not doing things which would endanger you, those around you, or the public as a whole.

Driving is a big example of a really bad thing to do while intoxicated. I think it is profoundly disrespectful to society, your passengers, and yourself to get behind the wheel while your senses are altered. Even the least psychologically distracting drugs, like marijuana, do not leave you with a clear enough head to deal with out-of-the-ordinary traffic situations that require split-second decisions. If you want to do drugs, do it in the privacy of your or a friend's home, and when you have nowhere to go until after you've come down.

Another important thing is the practice of moderation. When drugs become your way of life, where your lifestyle is centered around, or dependent on drugs, you have a problem. To make a routine out of drug use (i.e., smoking weed at 4:20 every day) or using so much that you get physically or psychologically addicted, really makes things bad. One thing that makes drugs the most fun is the novelty; the deviation from normal consciousness it brings. Where is the novelty in something you do constantly? It's like ice cream. Every now and then, you go out and get a scoop. Of course you like it, but if you were to eat it daily, it would soon grow tiresome. Drugs are the same way. If, say, you smoke pot maybe once a week, or even once a month, instead of daily or another short interval, it is much more of a treat to yourself. I also notice that people who don't practice moderation in their drug use, when sober, are less interesting to talk to, and don't seem all there. Not to mention, from a strictly medical perspective, it's probably just not a great idea to do drugs really frequently. Any drugs, including both narcotics and over-the-counter medications.

All I'm saying is that if you choose to use drugs, be responsible and moderate. If people who don't know you personally can tell that you're a drug user, you're probably being excessive in my opinion. Just be safe and don't ruin your life. Drugs can be fun, but only if you use your head.